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1 Comprehensive list of PS3 YLoD/RLoD Causes | PSX-Place
List of known causes of YLoD. Bad PSU (Power Supply Unit) CELL BGA Solder Points (Overheated) RSX BGA Solder Points (Overheated)
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2 Repair guide : YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) Playstation 3 Fat
69 steps · 1 hr, 20 min · Materials: Yellow Light of Death Repair Kit (YLOD) - PS3 Fat, 1 ...
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3 PS3 slim YLOD RLOD fix - EEVblog
Hello, This is about fixing the PS3 slim red light of death, yellow light of death or any other light combinations while booting.
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4 How to fix YLOD permanently - PlayStation 3 - iFixit
Since the issue seems to appear when the PS3 overheats, it might actually be related to cold solderjoints under the CPU or RSX and the ...
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5 How lond did your PS3 last after your YLoD/RLoD fix? - PlayStation 3
For PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How lond did your PS3 last after your YLoD/RLoD fix?".
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6 Yellow Light of Death | Retro Consoles Wiki - Fandom
The Yellow Light of Death (often abbreviated as YLoD) is a common problem which affects all models of the PlayStation 3, moreso the original phat models and ...
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7 How To Fix PS3 YLOD/RLOD Without Opening It - Pinterest
Dec 19, 2016 - *** THANKS FOR THE 20K VIEWS! I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE AS BIG AS IT HAS BECOME!***A guide i made after my ps3 suffered this problem.
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8 ylod ps3 repair kit -
EZ Chill PS3 BEST Cooling Fan Controller Mod Kit - BETTER THAN INTERCOOLER - Prevent Repair YLOD RLOD Overheating Playstation 3 - FAT - SLIM - SUPER SLIM.
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9 Old/broken PS3 (YLOD/RLOD/GLOD) recycling service
Buy Old/broken PS3 (YLOD/RLOD/GLOD) recycling service in Singapore,Singapore. Console recycling service for any of the PS3 with the following issues: 1.
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10 PS3's RLOD(Red Light of Death) and the YLOD(Yellow Light ...
This is due to the ps3 not having no lead-free solder. The difference between the RLOD(Red Light of Death) and the YLOD(Yellow Light of Death) ...
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11 7 Step Procedure To Fix PS3 Yellow Light of Death And PS3 ...
Of the two YLOD is the more serious as it tends to indicate an internal fault needing a professional repair. A flashing red indicator light on the other hand is ...
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12 PS3 YLOD , GLOD , RLOD leaded solder Reballing
Your PS3 is broken, has the YLOD, GLOD, RLOD, overheating and the fan is too loud , no HDMI output , pixelation, freezing, doesn't take the disc in ...
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13 PS3 YLOD Permanent Fix - LevelSkip
The PS3 YLOD (or yellow light of death) is when your beloved console shines or blinks a yellow light on its front end, indicating that ...
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14 [YLoD/RLoD] Yellow Light of Death/Red Light of Death
Too much will reduce the heat transfer from one to the other. When re-assembling your broken (now fixed) PlayStation 3 (PS3) be extremely ...
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15 How To Repair A Ps3 That Has The Yellow Light Of Death ...
solder the defective chip with lead. the YLOD is mostly caused by over heating, so if you use anything that can easily melt to repair it, the problem will ...
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16 YLOD PS3 Community | Facebook
YLOD PS3 Community. 18 likes. Guides on how to fix YLOD in Sony PlaySTation 3/4. ... PS3 YLOD Fix: Fix Red Light of Death (RLOD) on PS3/PS4.
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17 Ps3 Rlod Repair Guide Full PDF - South Seas
Ps3 Rlod Repair Guide is available in our digital library an online access to it ... ps3 4 console repairs 4 photo s 17 days ago 27 views rlod ylod for more.
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18 The reality of repairing the YLOD in PS3 console by replacing ...
It has been well documented and well known that the YLOD, GLOD or RLOD symptoms in PS3 consoles are related to hardware failure, in the ...
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19 Playstation 3 CECHE01 Motherboard cok-002 YLOD RLOD ...
PLAYSTATION 3 CECHE01 Motherboard cok-002 YLOD RLOD parts repair - $10.99. FOR SALE! This is a non-working PS3 cok-002 motherboard only, bluray logic board ...
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20 A Step-by-Step Guide to Fix PS3 Blinking Red Light Error
Tip: PS3 blinking red light is also called RLOD (Red Light of Death). The blinking red light on PS3 might appear when you are playing graphics- ...
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21 Boot modes - PS3 Developer wiki
1.5.1 NLOD; 1.5.2 Solid Red; 1.5.3 Solid Green; 1.5.4 Solid Blue; 1.5.5 Flashing Blue; 1.5.6 YLOD; 1.5.7 RLOD; 1.5.8 GLOD; 1.5.9 RSOD ...
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22 Sony PS3 YLOD Yellow Light Repair
The Yellow Light Error, also know as the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death or Yellow Light of Doom) is a general hardware failure. It usually means that the PS3 ...
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23 Ps3 Rlod Ylod For Sale in Mullingar, Westmeath ... -
Ps3 rlod / ylod. Asking price: €50 sold. Seller: GaryOLeary; Feedback: 42 1. Location: Mullingar, Westmeath. Entered/Renewed: decade ago; Ad Views: 1,004.
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24 PS3 Repair: Play Station Yellow Light of Death
Yellow Light of Death: PS3 Repair, flashing yellow on the PS3 gaming signals impending doom. The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) is not the latest role playing ...
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25 Playstation 3 repairs | DEANS
Do you have a Yellow or Red Light Blinking on your PS3, We can repair all yellow light of death or red light of death faults, (YLOD) (RLOD) or your ps3 ...
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26 PS3 Repair guide -Fix All PS3 Problems - video Dailymotion
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27 Got a RLOD on my freebie Fat PS3, and decent repair still ...
I had a YLOD on my PS3 and sent it for repair. The repair went long and I messaged the guy many times but he never responded to my ...
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28 PS3 YLOD or RLOD | AfterDawn Discussion Forums
I have a PS3 that was bought in May 2008, Last week I got the RLOD (YLOD). This is what the PS3 displayed when turning it on: Green Light comes on... Blue light ...
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29 Buy EZ Chill PS3 BEST Cooling Fan Controller Mod Kit - SLIM
Prevent Playstation 3 YLOD, RLOD, Glitches, Freezing and Overheating Failure. Drop System Temperature - Avoid Blinking Red / Yellow Light of Death Error.
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31 PS3 nec caps/ylod - Shmups Forum
However, there are many reasons that can cause a YLOD/RLOD and one answer doesn't fit all. I tried to fix a RLOD CECHA01 with Tantalums and ...
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32 Game Console Repair in Auckland
PS3 Red / Yellow Light RLOD YLOD- Overheating - Wavey Lines - Graphical Issues - Controller Sync ... A list of Playstation repairs we undertake are: Flashing Red ...
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33 [WTS] PS3 YLOD / RLOD Fix Repair Service - Lowyat Forum
Dear PS3 owners, We are providing PS3 YLOD fix/repair for Rm120 Only.Still the Cheapest in, some say klang-valley!
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34 How does thermal paste fix RLOD - AVForums
Okay I'm sure this has been mentioned before but I don't see how thermal paste fixes YLOD or RLOD on the older Playstation 3 models (40/60GB ...
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35 YLOD – co to jest YLOD w konsoli Playstation 3 - Express IT
YLOD lub RLOD jest określeniem usterki występującej w konsoli Playstation 3. YLOD oznacza żółtą diodę świecącą zaraz po uruchomieniu konsoli ...
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36 PS3 Flashing Red Light - How to Fix RLOD in Easy Steps
PS3 Flashing (blinking) red light ( also called RLOD ) simply put, is a warning before the actual storm hits up. The term RLOD is referred ...
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37 My ps3 seems to be going through RLOD, lemme - Sony - Fixya
Yes you have the RLOD. What I suggest with this being a big issue is check your craigslist, go to video games, in the search bar type repair.
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38 PS3 YLOD oder RLOD ? Oder vielleicht doch was anderes?
Hallo, meine PS3 blinkt beim starten kurz gelb, piept dann 3 mal und blinkt dann rot, startet nicht und der lüfter läuft auch nicht. siehe ...
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39 PS3 RLOD | MyBroadband Forum
RLOD or YLOD - Red/yellow light of death. Original 60GB version, over 6k and 3 years later. I can assume that it was my fault for not ...
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40 rozdíl mezi RLOD a YLOD? - PS3 -
Jaký je rozdíl mezi ylod a rlod u ps3? Tj co se týče hardwaru hlavně a jak poznám rozdíl a díle příznaky?
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41 PS3 YLOD/RLOD :( Iskustva - Benchmark Forum
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42 Cara Mencegah PS3 Supaya Tidak YLOD/RLOD - PS Bajakan
YLOD/RLOD pada PS3 sebenarnya merupakan suatu kondisi dimana Play tation 3 tidak dapat dioperasikan (mati) karena terjadi overheat atau panas ...
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Credo si tratti di un problema di surriscaldamento (rlod o ylod) ma la cosa strana è che me lo fa anche a console appena accesa, ...
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44 Need details on PS2 and PS3...longevity? - Game Consoles
Normally when a PS3 system gets YLOD, it must be sent to Sony to be repaired for a fee if out of warranty. Some people have also claimed to have ...
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45 Are backwards compatible PS3's a timebomb? Guide to taking ...
YLoD, what is it? When a hardware malfuntion that prevents the ps3 from booting normally occurs, both the red and green light of the ps3 turn on ...
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46 Repaired a PS3 with a heatgun the other day. How does this ...
My first reflow on my launch ps3 lasted around 7 months before it started ylod'ing again. I then reflowed again (using flux that time) and it ...
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47 Read Book Ps3 Rlod Repair Guide Free Download Pdf
a step by step guide to fix ps3 blinking red light error minitool inverter pure ... wlod rlod ylod not powering on totally dead hdmi port.
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48 Dziwna usterka ps3 (nie ylod nie rlod) -
Witam. mam problem z konsolą ps3 fat 80GB. Kupiłem ją na allegro nie podejrzewając nawet fali usterek na jaką skazana jest ta konsola.
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49 How to Fix Ps3 YLOD Problem : 10 Steps - Instructables
The problem is identified as YLOD ( Yellow Led Of Death ) . The console does not start and remains in stand by, when you trying to start it you can see the LED ...
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50 Bga ps3 - Studio Tecnico d'Ingegneria Musio
Find Semi automatic BGA reballing machine WDS-620 for Laptop/PS3/Mobile phone from China ... DEFEITO CONHECIDO COMO YLOD OU RLOD NO PS3 OU 3RLs NO X BOX.
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51 Playstation 3 PS3 Yellow Light of Death YLOD Reflow repair
Playstation 3 YLOD - Reflow · The Yellow light of death fault is normally identified by · 1. Power LED lights green at switch on · 2. Power LED turns Yellow · 3.
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52 YLOD - Is it the power supply? How can you tell? - Tech Centre
The YLOD will pop up as a safe-guard, preventing your system from operating and thus shutting it down for you. It's often followed by a blinking ...
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53 PS3 YLOD fix - Playstation Yellow Light of Death repairs
Owners around the world have witnessed a strange ritual performed by their PS3 consoles: LEDs at the front of the console when attempted to turn on goes green, ...
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54 PS3 Slim rare condition/ GLOD/YLOD? - TronicsFix Forum
The hard drives light would turn on at boot up (about 3 blinks) then it would turn off which would result on the ps3 not displaying to the tv.
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55 How To Permanently Repair YLOD on Fat PS3 - PlayStation 3
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