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1 How to Properly Apply RainX - YouTube
Mar 8, 2019
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2 NO BUFF Rain-X-- The Correct Way to Apply RainX. - YouTube
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Oct 17, 2020
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4 Rain-X Rain Repellent - Application Guide - YouTube
Kraco Car Care International
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5 How to Apply Rain-X to Your Windshield | YourMechanic Advice
A thin layer is enough. Apply Rain-X to one half of your windshield at a time with a clean cloth, preferably microfiber. Work in firm, circular ...
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6 How To Apply Rain X (For Best Results) | DetailDIY
Apply a small amount of Rain X to a microfiber towel and begin wiping onto the windshield in a circular motion. I work in small areas and slowly work my way ...
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7 How to Apply Rain X Automobile Windshield Treatment: 5 Steps
› ... › Cleaning Car Windows
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8 How to use Rain X Rain Repellant on Your Car Windscreen
Put a little Rain-X onto a microfibre cloth and apply directly to the glass, working from the top down. For the windscreen, apply the ...
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9 Best way to apply Rain-X? - Automotive | DSLReports Forums
To apply rainx, I use a single cloth or sponge. Soak it fairly good and apply to the window surface liberally. When a haze forms, apply another ...
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10 How to Apply Rain-X Automobile Windshield Treatment - Jerry
How to use Rain-X · Step 1: Use water to clean any dirt from the windshield · Step 2: Dry the glass before utilizing Rain-X · Step 3: Make sure the temperatures ...
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11 Rain-X® Original Glass Water Repellent Aerosol
› product › rain-x-original-glass...
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12 Rain-X® Original Glass Water Repellent Treatment Video
› ... › Tips & Information
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13 Rain-X Tips & Information - RainX
What is the correct way to apply Rain-X Rain Repellent?
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14 How to Use Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent
› Rain-X › Videos
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15 How to Get Rain-X Off the Windshield of Your Car - No fire ...
The job is to simply remove a very fine layer on top of the glass to restore surface clarity. This is pretty similar to applying polish to the ...
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16 The Benefits of Rain-X - Best Shine Car Wash And Detail
First, clean the exterior of the vehicle and ensure it is fully dry. Then, spray the solution onto a small dry cloth and apply it to the auto glass using a frim ...
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17 How much rain-x is enough rain-x? : r/AutoDetailing - Reddit
You don't need much, just enough to lightly mist the glass. Use a towel to spread it around. Wait a few minutes for it to get a haze, then buff ...
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18 Applying Technique for Rain-X - Car Detailing - Autopia Forum
Applying Technique for Rain-X · 1. spray down the windshield w/ cleaner (stoner`s invisible glass) · 2. spread it around and wiped with a towel, ...
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19 How to keep my windshield clean after applying Rain-x - Quora
After applying Rain-X, you simply have to rub the windshield clean with a dry cloth, making sure there are no more white haze on the glass.
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20 What are your tips for applying Rain-X ?
What are your tricks or preferred method of applying Rain-X? Seems like sometimes it works great ...
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21 The Best Rain Repellent for Windshields This Year
I applied it outdoors on a daily driven car. Even though I cleaned and dried the glass thoroughly, applying Aquapel was a nightmare. The product flashed way too ...
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22 Rain-X Original Windshield Treatment Glass Water Repellent (2)
Second dry and apply Rain-X to windshield and for best application use a buffer for car wax to buff the windshield to a nice dry look without a film over the ...
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23 How to Use Rain-X on Clear Shower Doors - eHow
Apply the first coat of Rain-X, by spraying the Rain-X on the inside of your shower door, and using the cloth to create a thin coat. Overlap each stroke a bit ...
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24 How to Remove Rain X Film from Windshield in 5 Easy Steps ...
Start the scrubbing process by testing a small area to the windshield's extreme corner. Do not put the cleanser directly on the windshield.
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25 Rain-X Shower Door Water Repellent Review - The Spruce
Considering that you only need to apply it every few weeks, it's a pretty good deal. You do have to apply two coats, but the coats aren't thick, ...
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26 Is Rain-X Bad For My Windshield? - Springdale Automotive
The Proper Way to Remove Rain-X · Wet the windshield - Spray water on the windscreen using a hose, nozzle, or spray bottle. · Wash the Glass with ...
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27 Rain-X Windshield : 4 Steps - Instructables
To use this - first wet the windshield lightly with some Windex. Then, slowly rub the clay bar over everything. Don't worry about the greasy lines that show up.
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28 Rain-X Anti Fog Review - Detailing Enthusiast
As with any product that is to be applied as a coating, the glass needs to be perfectly clean. You could use vinegar and water in a spray bottle and it'll do a ...
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29 RainX — Car Forums at
And the wipers make less noise, streak less, when you do use them. I apply just like it says on the back of the bottle. Take a rag, pour some ...
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30 How to Keep Your Shower Clean - Rain-X on Shower Glass!
Rain-X is a product designed to be applied to the outside of your car's windshield – it causes water to bead and run off the windshield quickly. I figured it'd ...
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31 Rain X - Stupid mistake? | Honda Odyssey Forum
Registered · 1. Clean your windshield · 2. Take a clean rag, apply the Rain-x and put it on like wax in a circular motion. · 3. Wait about 5 ...
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32 Windshield Water Repellent: How it Works? | Auto Glass
Rain-X usually comes in spray form, but many other products come in different forms. Before you apply the repellent, make sure to wash and dry ...
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33 Rain-X 2-In-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent
Note: Use only per label directions. Directions: 1. Point nozzle away from face and turn to spray/on position. 2. Spray directly onto surface of vehicle's glass ...
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34 Rainex - how do I get it OFF! - RV.Net Open Roads Forum
I've been using Rainex for years and love it. As far as putting it on, I apply it , let it dry for about five minutes, I use a spray bottle with water in it, ...
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35 How to Get Rain-X off Windshield In 5 Simple Steps
First of all, you need to make sure your windshield is cleaned before application. Any contaminants will affect how Rain-X works on the ...
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36 Rain- x Original Treatment 3.5 oz - 800002242W -
Rain-X glass treatment is simple to use, because all you have to do is clean the glass and let it dry, then apply the treatment to the exterior glass with a ...
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37 How to remove RainX from windshield? | Bob Is The Oil Guy
Before washing the car, I would clean the windshield and apply the rain x, rub it in the circles like instructions say. Let it dry, then wash ...
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38 what do you clean windshiled with before applying rain x?
I am impressed with how well that stuff works. I spray it on the glass, let it sit for a min or two and also apply to the scrubber part of the ...
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39 Alternatives to Rain-X Anti-Fog | Team Integra Forums
Don't know about anti-fog, but here's a tip for applying Rain X streak Free! Before you wash your car, clean the windows with whatever you ...
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40 Is RainX Bad for Your Windshield? - Car Care Portal
Use microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to clean the wiper blades. This is a good way to remove any residue buildup such as grime. if you do not ...
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41 Quick trick for RainX users.
Reinstall on the car. Presto! Longer lasting RainX application! The idea is pretty simple: soaking the wiper blades in RainX and letting them ...
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42 How to Apply Rain-X on Acrylic - It Still Runs
Apply the Rain-X to the acrylic surface with a soft cloth. Apply to the entire surface area of the acrylic. Let the Rain-X dry and turn to a haze. Step 5.
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43 Does Rain-X Really Work? -
Add a bottle of Rain-X Glass Treatment to your car wash bin, and apply it by soft cloth once your window is cleaned. Use the larger spray bottle ...
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44 Cleaning Hack: How to Have Spotless Windows for Months
Wash your window like usual, then apply the Rain-x (if using regular Rain-x). The product mentioned here though makes it seem like it's a cleaner and repellent ...
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45 How to apply RainX without streaks -
I rinse it good and let it drip dry. I just squirt the Rx on the windshield and smear it around with a clean rag. I wait five or so minutes ...
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46 What Causes Windshield Haze and How to Remove It!
A haze will form when applying Rain-X which is normal. Once dry, simply sprinkle with water to remove excess haze. Be sure to read the application instructions ...
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47 Getting smears out of Rain-X application
Got this from the Rain-x people at a show. Works like a champ. I do this when I'm washing the truck. Wash the windshield, rinse and dry it. Apply a THIN coat of ...
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48 Top Three Tips to Rainproof Your Windshield - Gold Eagle Co
Dry with a microfiber towel. Apply the waterproofing product as directed. Most instructions say to apply using a circular motion, but one online commentator ...
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49 What is the Best Way to Detail Auto Glass?
Use the drying rag to dry the area. If it is obvious there is still more cleaning to be done, start again with the step above and apply the ...
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50 Rain X 2-in1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent Review - Homedit
Excellent at repelling water ⋅ Easy to use ⋅ It doesn't clean well ⋅ View full list
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51 How to Apply "Rain-x" windshield treatment - Maintenance
"Rain-X" is a product that helps get your windshield clean. Get tips on properly applying "Rain-X" and "Rain-X Anti-Fog" from a automotive ...
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52 Rain-X Product Review: Exterior Detailer, Fast Wax, Glass ...
The Rain-X Fast Wax is pretty goopy and can feel awkward to buff out on dry paint. Instead, try applying it to your car right after washing. This way ...
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53 Rain-x 16oz Original Glass Treatment - Target
So so I've used it as directed. Definitely works better if you spray it on a towel and apply, then dry it out with a clean towel. Even with this method you can ...
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54 The Benefits of Using Rain-X - Team Run Smart
The product sprays on like ordinary glass cleaner. You simply clean your windshield, then apply Rain-X with a soft cloth and rub it in a ...
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55 Everything You Need to Know About Rain•X Complete ...
Allow me to introduce Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant, created by RainX, a company already well known for its water repellent products ...
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56 How to Keep your Windshield Clean Through Snow, Rain and ...
Spray the solution onto the exterior of a clean and dry windshield. Use a clean, dry rag to wipe the windshield until it is completely dry.
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57 Don't Use Rain-X® on Your Houston Shower Glass Door
In addition, it's pretty labor-intensive to apply. First, you must clean and dry the glass, then apply it all over the glass in circular motions and allow it to ...
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58 Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent 3.5oz - AutoZone
If you thoroughly clean windshield, no wax, then apply and let sit for a few minutes before you wipe glass; the application lasts longer. Water just runs off ...
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59 Sealing Brick, Concrete & Stone - Rain-X
Just apply Rain-X® Multi-Surface Water Sealer using a pump-up sprayer or paint roller. Use the paint roller to assure a thin, even coat, and you're done. It's ...
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60 Rain-X - Wikipedia
Rain-X is a synthetic hydrophobic surface-applied product that causes water to bead up and run off surfaces, most commonly used on glass automobile surfaces ...
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61 Fed Up With Rain And Snow? Make Homemade Water ...
Spray the solution onto the exterior of a clean and dry windshield. Use a clean and dry rag to wipe the windshield until it is thoroughly dry.
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62 Rain-X - DashCamTalk
Through trial and error, I have found a good way to apply this without streaking: 1. Wash and dry windshield (and all other windows..
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63 Best rain repellents 2018 | Auto Express
You apply it to a clean screen with a paper towel before leaving it to dry. Next, you moisten it and buff the windscreen clear. Yet it's well worth going ...
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64 The Best Auto Glass Cleaners for Streak-Free Windows
Sprays are the fastest to apply, and detailing professionals tend to prefer them. Users can cover a large windshield in just a few seconds, but ...
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65 Rain-X Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent, 2-in-1 - Publix
Treated. Untreated. Just spray on and wipe away. Cleans automotive glass steak-free. Repels rain by causing water to bead up and roll away. Helps prevent ...
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66 The Best Windshield Wipers and Glass Treatments for Your Car
It's a great choice for year-round use in any climate. ... The Rain-X Latitude, is a best seller on Amazon and another solid choice that ...
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67 Removing Rain-X from Windshield and other glass
What's always worked for me is this: 1. Apply Rain-X and allow to set for a couple minutes. I even apply a second coat over the first to ensure good coverage ...
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68 Best Rain Repellent For Windshields | Is It Worth Buying?
Rain-X Pros: · Least expensive · Packaged in either a spray bottle or squeeze bottle · The best version can be applied with a sprayer which has an ...
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69 How long does Rain-X last? - aquapel windows | Ask MetaFilter
The windshield washer version doesn't do as good a job, nor does it's effects last as long -- it does a decent job if you use it to "extend" a ...
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70 4 Unconventional Uses for Rain-X - The News Wheel
If you have the luxury of glass shower doors, you know how easily they become ... Apply Rain-X to your camera lens for better photos
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71 Tested: Rain-X Cleaning and Treatment Products
Application of Rain-X's Interior Glass Anti-Fog treatment is uncomplicated. Once the inside windows have been properly cleaned, using a 100-percent cotton ...
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72 Fix-It Chick: Use Rain-X to keep glass clean
Applying a product such as Rain-X or Aquapel to the exterior of an automobile windshield will dramatically improve visibility during rainy ...
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73 How does Rain-X work? Solving the Magical Mystery
In a simple sense, Rain-X repels water, causing it to bead up and roll off of glass surfaces. By nature, water sticks to glass and spreads out ...
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74 Rain X? Windsheild only or all windows? - Car Care Forums
Carefully apply it to a small/medium size area (I do right and left sides in 3-4 areas each), working it in just like wax . Get a nice, even ...
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75 Rain-X Chipped Windshield Repair - iFixit
› Guide › Rain-X+Chipped+Win...
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76 Tip: Using Rain X to help keep your Windows Phone display ...
By applying Rain X ($3.99, super markets, auto stores) to a cleaned smartphone display, you simply wait until it dries and then wipe off the ...
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77 Best Windshield Repair Kits For 2022 - Forbes Wheels
Best Overall. Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit · Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit · $12.46 On Amazon ; Easiest to Use. Blue-Star Windshield ...
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78 Best Long-Lasting Rain Repellents for Windshields
When it comes to application, the Rain-X is simple to use. It follows the Mr. Miyagi principle: wax on, wax off. Or more precisely spray it on ...
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79 Rain-X 23 oz. 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Repellent 5071268
A: This is a 2-in-1 product that cleans glass and applies our hydrophobic coating in one step. With the original formula, you must first clean the glass and ...
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80 Rain-X - iRV2 Forums
I use Rain-X on all our vehicles and boats . I also apply it to the inside of the windows . It prevents fogging and condensation . I learned ...
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81 Hands-On with Rain-X Wash & Wax (2020) - The Drive
Wiping the solution off is equally as quick and convenient as putting it on. All you need is a dry automotive towel or chamois to quickly remove ...
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82 Chris Fix: Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner - Advance Auto Parts
Rain-X 2-in-1 glass cleaner repels sleet, snow and rain and helps keep debris such as bugs and road splatter from sticking to your ...
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83 RainX--Does it Work & Tricks to Applying? [Archive]
Fill the windshield washer reservoir with Rain-X Windshield Washer fluid. Wash the windows and clean them as necessary with Rain-X Glass Cleaner ...
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84 I (still) hate Rain-X |
Wow. I've never really had a problem using Rain-X. I apply it to the windshield and let it dry to a haze. Then the most important thing to do is ...
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85 Rain-X ooops (windshield, best, buy, cheapest) - Automotive
Use a crumpled up newspaper to wipe the streaks off the inside of the windshield. I also don't waste my time anymore, applying and buffing RainX ...
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86 Rain-X Rain Repellent | Aircraft Spruce
Clean and dry surfaces before treating · Apply in temperatures above 40 degrees F · Apply Rain‑X® to a small, folded, dry cloth · Wipe onto exterior glass using a ...
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87 this time about Rain-X - The Show - Car Talk Community
I agree that the RainX is great stuff. I apply one "coat' that usually looks smeared. Then I apply a second coat begin pretty careful on putting ...
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88 What is Rain-X good for? This cleaning hack ... - In The Know
A new cleaning hack featuring Rain-X is going viral on TikTok, thanks to a user who claims you can use the spray in your shower.
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89 Conditioning Your Motorcycle Windshield With Rain-X
Spread Rain-X on screens surface in a vertical or top to bottom motion, setting an even coat across the surface of the screen. Step 4. Harley ...
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90 ('14-'18) - rain X on windshield | Subaru Forester Owners Forum
I use the spray Rain-X cleaner on the exterior. Buff it well after it dries and there will not be any glare issues, but it will still repel ...
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91 Rain-X with E39, anyone else use it? - Bimmerforums
It acts as a kind of polish for the windows, allowing water to slide right away, and it is very effective in that regard. The best way I ...
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92 Best rain repellent for cars - Parkers
A simple squeeze of the orange bottle will deliver the repellent onto the foam pad which you then pull across the windscreen, leaving a small ...
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93 Rain X Anti Fog | Halfords UK
Apply with a dry cloth and wipe the Rain-X Rain Repellent in a circular, overlapping motion; once you've allowed the product to dry, re-apply again and, once ...
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94 How to Keep Your Shower Clean with Rain-X
Sprayed it down and let it sit for a hour and rinsed right off. I used it as I have hard water & soap build up. Did wonders and then used rain-x ...
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95 Rain-x without affecting auto wipers?
Has anyone tried putting Rain-x on their model 3 windshield and just skipping the area in front of the cameras? I read somewhere that the ...
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96 How to remove RainX from shower glass? - Houzz
Hi Gale, did the Rain X cleaner work? I made the mistake of putting the automotive version on my shower door and it has been hazy for 10 years!
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97 Deal Alert: Rain-X Windshield Wipers 40% Off at Walmart
Either way that's at least 40 percent off, for the larger and most common sizes. From what we can tell, this remarkable deal applies to all ...
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98 Does Rain-ex damage wipers? - Mechanics Stackexchange
Your wipers will not streak or chatter this way. Then let it haze slightly and pour water from the top of the windshield and let it drip down, ...
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