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1 Faith Forum: Is organized religion good or bad?
It is also certainly true that organized religion can prove to be unhealthy, oppressive, destructive and even violent. Calling it "religion" ...
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2 CMV: Organized religion is harmful to human society - Reddit
Organized religion, specifically the main three monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) cause more harm than good to human ...
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3 Why People Stopped Believing In Organized Religion
People Are Sharing Why They Stopped Believing In Organized Religion, And Their Perspectives Are Genuinely Interesting.
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4 Is Organized Religion Really Terrible? - LifeTeen
A common argument against organized religion is based on a clear and recurring trend of corruption. Even during Jesus' time, the Pharisees exemplified what ...
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5 Organized Religion: A Tool for Ignorance, Power and Control
It's one group of humans telling another that they're wrong. It's one group of people using religion to manipulate the masses to oppose another grouping of ...
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6 6 reasons religion may do more harm than good -
Shares ; 1. Religion promotes tribalism. ; 2. Religion anchors believers to the Iron Age. ; 3. Religion makes a virtue out of faith. ; 4. ; 5.
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7 What is organized religion and does the Bible support it?
Organized religion goes wrong when it drifts away from God's expectations and panders to human influence. Most dangerous is the tendency to propagate false ...
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8 Organized Religion Is Not For Me - Medium
Organised religion versus “personal spirituality”. It's not that I consider Christian teachings to be “bad” at the core. My guess is that ...
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9 Is organized religion a very bad thing? - Quora
Since 'evil' is itself (somewhat arguably) a religious concept, calling organised religion 'evil' in serious, non-colloquial discourse is sort of pointless for ...
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10 Why Does "Organized Religion' Get a Bad Rap? Because the ...
The obvious fact is that over the last 30 years, most organized religion has focused on issues regarding sexual morality, such as abortion, gay ...
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11 The Negative Effects of Religion on Society - Sofo Archon
The demands that religion places on people are unrealistic. Religion, on the one hand, teaches that people are born sinners. Sin is what we are made of, and ...
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12 I'm Giving Up on Organized Religion
Christians are as disgusted with hypocrisy as those who are outside. We make no excuses for the bad behavior of the charlatans or the insincere. False churches ...
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13 Problems of Organized Religion - Notebooks of Paul Brunton
In getting rid of the evil of superstition, they have invited other evils, equally bad and even worse, to replace it. 9. Whether religion itself be totally ...
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14 COLUMN: Organized religion potentially toxic - Daily Toreador
Groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS have done horrible things in recent history in the name of religion. And yes, I am aware of terms like Jihad, ...
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15 2. Attitudes toward organized religion - Pew Research Center
Among both the Relaxed Religious and the Spiritually Awake, half or more say churches do more good than harm for American society, while far ...
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16 Criticism of religion - Wikipedia
Critics of religion in general may view religion as one or more of: outdated, harmful to the individual, harmful to society, an impediment to the progress of ...
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17 Power and Authority in Organized Religion - JSTOR
The problem of how power and authority in organized religion can be ... There is nothing wrong whatever with quantitative methods-as long as they are.
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18 The Detrimental Effects of Organized Religion on Women in ...
For I think Sam Russell. Sage is awful” (97). Smith also introduces Ivy to a number of other religious types. She sheds light on a superficial circuit preacher ...
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19 Is organized religion bad for society? | The Tylt
Secularists argue organized religion is bad because it enables bad people to do bad things in its name. They point to things like opposition ...
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20 What the 'spiritual but not religious' have in common with ...
Repudiating “organized religion” as a bastion of dogmatism and ... They couldn't all be right, so Franck concluded they must all be wrong.
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21 Why People Say, “I Believe in God, But Not Religion”
When we've talked about their skepticism regarding organized religion, ... am I then saying that I think all the other religions are wrong or going to hell?
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22 Three Decades Ago, America Lost Its Religion. Why?
Not religious” has become a specific American identity—one that ... said they believed in God and belonged to an organized religion, ...
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23 Paths of the Spirit: Time to rethink organized religion's bad rap
On the other hand, institutionalizing the church was accompanied within a century and a half by the suppression of other religions, specifically Judaism. This ...
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24 In defense of organized religion - Massachusetts Daily Collegian
They often say that they wanted to free themselves from the constraints of traditional religions. They want to find God (or spirituality) on ...
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25 Negative aspects of organized religions - Prezi
Negative aspects of organized religions ; Religious leaders are given the authority to guide their followers spiritual lives because religions implicate the ...
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26 Organized Religion: Positive and Negative Effects Essay
As for the negative effects of organized religion, suppression of individuality can be named as one of the most serious negative effects.
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27 Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back
Some argued that young adults just hadn't yet been pulled back into the fold of organized religion, especially since they were hitting major ...
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28 Religion Ruins Us - HighPoint Church | Lake Wales
Religion gets a bad press. ... sages who are so tuned in to the Holy Spirit that they alone see the "evil empire" of organized religion.
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29 Is Religion Needed for a Well-Ordered Society? | Oxford
This made the question 'whether organized religion is necessary for a ... anders is als betrekkinge' [good and bad are nothing other than a relationship], ...
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30 Religion and mental health - PMC - NCBI
Is an organized system of beliefs, practices, rituals, and symbols designed to ... Negative religious coping includes passive waiting for God to control the ...
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31 Organized Religion Is Having a Bad Few Decades
The last few decades sure have been bad ones for organized religion. Conservative Christians have decided that the sum total of the Bible is ...
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32 Organized Religion: Whats Wrong with Today's Christianity?
Organized Religion: Whats Wrong with Today's Christianity? - Kindle edition by Esiri, Kesiena. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, ...
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33 Stephen King: 'Religion is a dangerous tool … but I choose to ...
Stephen King, whose forthcoming novel Revival features a Methodist minister who condemns his faith after a horrific accident, has described ...
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34 Organized Religion Quotes - Goodreads
“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte. tags: atheism, ...
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35 Is Religion Good or Bad for Us? | Psychology Today
According to the latest poll by the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of Americans say that religion is at least somewhat important in their lives ...
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36 Who needs organized religion? | New Church
Without an organization, a person must wander in the woods and see if he can find the path and manage to stay on it without any guidance. Organized religions ...
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37 What is "religion" under Title VII? | U.S. Customs and Border ...
... religion includes not only traditional, organized religions, ... or ethical beliefs as to what is right and wrong which are sincerely ...
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38 Americans still hold positive views about religion's role in society
A new poll by the Pew Research Center found that majorities of Americans say that churches and religious organizations do more good than ...
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39 Harm or Help?: Opinion of Organized Religion by Personality ...
Nearly two-thirds of Analysts agreed that religion does more to hurt society than help. With their core Thinking trait, Analyst personalities rely on logic and ...
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40 The state of faith - Deseret News
“We still rely on organized religion” to feed the hungry, resettle refugees, provide financial assistance to the poor and do any number of other ...
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41 Tomorrow's Gods: What is the future of religion? - BBC
”Because Voltaire was a trenchant critic of organised religion, ... used by the powerful to control the poor, to the proposal that faith ...
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42 What is Religion? Definition, Types, and Effects - Verywell Mind
Religion refers to a belief in a set of organized beliefs. ... Religion can also influence mental health in both positive and negative ways.
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43 Organized religion must stop tolerating sexual abuse
No organized religion is immune to the shenanigans of bad actors. Religion seems to render an air of authority and invincibility to abusers, ...
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44 Religion is harmful to society
3.1 Negative effects of religion is a symptom and not a cause ... to the exclusion of addressing poverty, mental health or organized crime).
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45 Don't Try to Control Me! | Catholic Answers
There are many reasons why people detest organized religion. It might be because it leads to violence. Or perhaps they think organized ...
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46 Why most people leave religion? They just 'stop believing'
Bad news for organized religion: A majority of the religiously unaffiliated -- the so-called "nones" -- say they fell away from faith not ...
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47 Would Jesus Be for Organized Religion?
and is bad organization the problem? Third, can I believe in Jesus without joining the church? Fourth, how can my faith survive the church?
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48 The Disorganization Of Organized Religion
› ...
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49 U.S. Confidence in Organized Religion Remains Low
Americans' confidence in organized religion fell its lowest point in ... of government (44%), giving this institution a net-negative score.
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50 Religion vs. Spirituality: The Difference Between Them
This isn't necessarily a bad thing. In previous, more uncertain times, the rules and dogma of organized religion helped to give society a ...
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51 Chapter 15. Religion – Introduction to Sociology
Theodicy is an attempt to explain or justify the existence of bad things or ... A church is a large, bureaucratically organized religious organization that ...
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52 Half of Americans believe exodus from organized religion is ...
A recent poll shows that half of Americans believe an ongoing trend of people leaving church pews is bad for the country. Pictured here is the ...
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53 Religion In Itself Is A Purely Positive Force In The World
Despite all the bad press religion gets from militant atheists, organised religion is purely benevolent. Though it has undoubtedly been used as a pretext ...
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54 The Decline of Organized Religion in Western Civilization
Thus, organized religion is dying in places where it once dominated everyday life. This is bad news for priests, parsons, and popes (and not exactly good news ...
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55 Are American Youth Alienated From Organized Religion?
“established” or “organized” religion and that this alienation is increasing. ... religious organizations are doing a poor or very poor job for the country.
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56 Organized Religion and Its Necessity -
Very rarely will you find those hardcore practicing Catholics or Protestants disobeying the laws because they believe it is wrong. It is very noticeable that ...
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57 The problems with organized religion | News, Sports, Jobs
The actual quote was: “Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for ... I hear agreement with the dissolution of benefits to help the poor.
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58 Americans are giving up on organized religion
Americans are giving up on organized religion ... rationalize a broken world filled with bad people and good people who make bad decisions.
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59 Thomas Paine's Attitudes Toward Religion Impacted His ...
But Paine's scathing criticisms of religion, in general, ... the works of Thomas Paine because of his negative views on organized religion.
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60 Is America abandoning religion — or just remixing it?
Americans are abandoning organized religion in droves, but they seem less willing to abandon God. "[L]ook at folks who say that they never ...
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61 The good and bad sides of organized religion - This I Believe
The current rash of acts of violence based on religious hatred on the part of some Muslims , (i.e., those who give their allegiance to extremists) toward ...
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62 Misplaced Creativity on Tumblr
It's not belief or faith that is rotten, it's the organized religious sects that hide abuse and fleece money, treat people as less than human that are. The same ...
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63 Organized religion - Free Thesaurus
Synonyms for organized religion in Free Thesaurus. ... Bad news. In addition to public schools, this year's Confidence in Institutions survey finds record ...
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64 More Young People Are Moving Away From Religion, But Why?
... than 30 especially seem to be drifting from organized religion. ... "I wanted so badly to believe in God and in heaven, and that's where ...
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65 Is Organized Religion Dying? - JW.ORG
People are becoming disillusioned with organized religion for a variety of reasons. These include religiously motivated or religiously sanctioned violence and ...
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66 Religion in the Ancient World - World History Encyclopedia
Religion (from the Latin Religio, meaning 'restraint,' or Relegere, ... 'to show respect for what is sacred') is an organized system of beliefs and ...
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67 Why Religion Matters: The Impact of Religious Practice on ...
Church attendance is the most important predictor of marital stability and happiness. The regular practice of religion helps poor persons move out of poverty.
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68 Is organized religion on the decline at LMU? |
Many who turn away look purely at the bad the church has done, ... with not only the Catholic Church but organized religion in general.
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69 How to Discuss the Negative Aspects of Religion - wikiHow
› ... › Religion
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70 900+ Organized Religion Is Inherently Evil ideas - Pinterest
Organized Religion Is Inherently Evil. Spiritual people inspire me, but religious people terrify me. Funny thing is I'm not an atheist, but I do totally ...
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71 I Believe in God, But Don't Practice Organized Religion
Christians are hypocrites; Organized religion is stifling and doesn't let me be me. ... Ask them if they had one or two bad experiences a person of another ...
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72 Religion and Government
Religion and government travel different but parallel tracks. ... Religious belief in right and wrong is a vital influence to produce such voluntary ...
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73 Organized religion 'decays' as political ideologies increasingly ...
A prominent historian warned Monday that society is increasingly applying religious feelings to political figures and ideologies as ...
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74 The Problem with Organized Religion -
For a great many of them, the reason is the same: they do not believe in organized religion. They don't necessarily reject the teachings of ...
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75 The Church is Not Organized Religion But Communion to be ...
He did not come offering us a way to continue living worldly lives while providing a quick fix to things that can go wrong. He didn't bring new ...
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76 Against Organized Religion - Catholic Insight
If you are one of the many who have eschewed organized religion, it was most likely for one of several reasons—it was not part of your ...
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77 Religion may be bigger business than we thought. Here's why
The impact of faith-based schools in the US is significant. For instance, St. Benedict's Catholic Prep readies 530 mostly poor, mostly minority ...
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78 Before you Leave Organized Religion | GCD
› article-feed › before-you-le...
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79 organized religion | TikTok Search
Discover short videos related to organized religion on TikTok. ... with @debtcollective religion is a cult convince me im wrong #religion ...
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80 Is this site hastening the downfall of organised religion?
... itself entitled "Does the Internet Spell Doom For Organized Religion?" ... years of the 21st century is bad news for the old religions, ...
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81 The case for organized religion - LDS Living
While critics of organized religion may point to hypocrisy, the bad examples of some are not reasons to reject faith in God or his church.
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82 Spirituality, Not Organized Religion, May Be The Key To ...
Spirituality, Not Organized Religion, May Be The Key To Finding ... meaning in life) and negative (e.g., higher depression) outcomes.
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83 Religious Issues - GoodTherapy
› learn-about-therapy › r...
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84 8 Podcasts for the Spiritual Searcher - The New York Times
Organized religion may be on the decline, with more Americans than ever identifying as either atheist, agnostic or religiously unaffiliated.
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85 Actually, Religion Should Be Organized - Wise Disciple
The structures of organized religion are not arbitrary rules for domination, but purposeful ... Structure gets a really bad rap these days.
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86 Canadians show more apathy than hostility toward organized ...
What do non-churchgoers think of organized religion in Canada? ... Twenty-five per cent say it's neither good nor bad, while another 25 per ...
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87 Religious Trauma Syndrome: How Some Organized Religion ...
In fundamentalist Christianity, the individual is considered depraved and in need of salvation. A core message is “You are bad and wrong and ...
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88 Religion Is Wrong - TV Tropes
The Religion Is Wrong trope as used in popular culture. Isaac Asimov once said that most Science Fiction is written by atheists. There are a number of …
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89 Why Religions Facilitate War and How ... - Swarthmore College
Is the link between organized religion and war historically as well as ... of fostering evil and most of whom pay lip service to morality and piety?
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90 10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion - Steve Pavlina
When you donate money to a religious organization, you're doing much worse than throwing your money away. You're actively funding evil. If you ...
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91 6 Overplayed Arguments Against Religion - The Apeiron Blog
There are arguments against organized religion that border on cliché ... Are all judgments necessarily bad even if one cannot agree?
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92 Religion is Not a Dirty Word - Equipping Godly Women
1. Realize that organized religion itself isn't the problem. ... God didn't leave us a bad system. The system He left us is just fine. It's the people who are ...
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93 Organized Religion is a Scam. If we can't put them in prison ...
Donations. We contribute over $80 billion to churches each year, and it's all tax-deductible, whether they use it to aid the poor or pump and ...
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94 Hate Organized Religion? Here Are 5 Reasons You Should ...
Our increasingly secular culture makes organized religion seem like a bad thing. Why would you want religion, when you can have a one-on-one ...
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95 My Entry and Escape From Organized Religion
People were separated by gender everywhere to prevent “temptation”. Homosexuals were talked about badly and people were deathly scared of ...
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96 There's no sharp distinction between cult and regular religion
Less easy, though, is identifying why. Knee-jerk reactions make for poor sociology, and delineating what, exactly, makes a cult (as opposed to a ...
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