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1 2013 Rut Predictions – Prepare For A Late Whitetail Rut
This year the “Rutting Moon” falls very late in the year, on November 17th! That's compared to October 29th last year, and November 10th in 2011 ...
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2 Whitetail rut prediction for the 2013 season - Norwich Bulletin
This past season, archers saw the best rutting action during the first week of November, as predicted all over the Northeast and Midwest. Hunting boards and ...
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3 The Deer Rutting Season in the Adirondacks
According to most sportsmen, the second week of November in the Adirondacks is the best time for deer hunting, as this is the peak of the ...
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4 Oklahoma Deer Season 2013: Hunting Forecast - Outdoor Life
A population estimate hasn't been conducted since 2006, but state biologists know there are plenty of healthy deer. And a bright hunting outlook ...
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5 2013 top 10 days of the rut: schedule your vacation to hunt ...
But: knowing that some days will be better than others, we went through the calendar, analyzed moon phases, predicted the weather as best we could, took into ...
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6 Traditional Whitetail Rut Timing
In my experience hunting whitetail since the 80s, poor annual ruts can largely be attributed to unseasonably warm late October and November days ...
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7 Rut report: Deer in various phases of breeding season across ...
Pugh said the rut typically peaks between Jan. 1 and 12. At Wolf Creek WMA in Walker and Fayette counties, Pugh reported that he is seeing rubs ...
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8 Big Deer's Moon-Rut Guide Spot On For Two Giant Bucks
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that during the rutting full moon and in the three days before and after it, I see increased buck ...
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9 2022 Whitetail Rut Forecast and Hunting Guide - YouTube
Whitetail Habitat Solutions
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10 Peak Whitetail Rut Timing and Hunting Strategies - YouTube
Whitetail Habitat Solutions
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11 2013 Kansas Whitetail Deer Season Results - Rader Lodge
Archery 2013 was very tricky. The experts that work the moon phases predicted November 17 peak rut. They were right and our first 2 weeks were ...
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12 When is the Rut in Pennsylvania? - PA Game Commission
So if you're asking when the rut is in Pennsylvania, the answer is mid-November. For deer, it's serious business and they aren't about to change their schedule ...
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13 Southwest Michigan deer rut activity peaks, whitetails scurry to ...
According to the annual forecast posted in October, the 2013 season should be a good one for most Michigan hunters if they have the patience ...
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14 Statewide Annual Harvest Reports - FWC
Estimated deer harvest during the 2019-20 hunting season for public and private land by ... average number of antler points per harvested buck from the 2013.
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15 The First Two Weeks of November and the Bucks are on the ...
With three months to deer hunt, when is the best time to harvest a buck ... When the rut starts taking sharp mature bucks have been known to ...
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16 Deer Management Program Summary | Mt. Lebanon, PA
Between 2013 and 2015, reported deer-car incidents increased from 43 in 2013 ... Insurance which projected approximately 115,000 deer-vehicular collisions ...
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17 What Triggers the Whitetail Rut? - National Deer Association
Whitetails are rutting somewhere in their range from August through February. Amazingly, they breed over this seven-month period just in the state of ...
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18 2013 Indiana Deer Season Summary -
The 2013 Indiana deer hunting season comprised four seasons: Archery (Oct. 1 to ... Number of adult and fawn females is projected from the % fawns of all ...
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19 Biologists Predict an Exceptional 2021-22 General White ...
Fawn production is expected to be above average going into the 2021-22 season, potentially bolstering the overall population. Buck harvest ...
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20 Whitetail Deer - NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Distribution and Peak Rut Maps.
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Wisconsin has a long and storied tradition of regulated gun deer hunting ... 1934 - First official archery deer season; estimated gun kill is 21,251 with.
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The harvest projection for the Black Hills Deer and Landowner Black Hills ... Harvest summaries for the 2013-2021 Black Hills Deer seasons ...
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23 TN Deer Population and Management Archive
Deer rutting period is ideal time for hunters November 7, 2015 Tennessee ... G&F Forecast: Best Counties For Tennessee Deer Hunting in 2013 October, 2013.
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24 Mule Deer in New Mexico - BE BOLD. Shape the Future.
The breeding season or rut for mule deer in New Mexico begins in late November (northern areas of the state) and lasts until mid-January (southern areas).
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25 A True Wisconsin BEAST! - Legendary Whitetails
A bow hunt on November 8th, 2013 started out like any other morning hunt. The rut was in full swing and my brother, Jason, and I had taken a few days off of ...
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26 White-tailed Deer Timeline
1999 - Statewide deer population estimated at 425,000 deer. Total harvest yields 82,500 deer – 36 percent does. 2000 - Deer population levels spawn a multitude ...
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27 Kentucky White-tailed Deer Report 2013
The majority of successful deer hunters (81%) only harvest one deer. Of the total successful hunters in the 2013-14 season (106,225 hunters) the average hunter ...
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28 Buck Grunted Into Range - Growing Deer TV
Illinois Buck: Hunting After the Peak of the Rut ... Food Plot Update: Rain Expected, We're Planting! August 27th, 2020, #567 ... December 30th, 2013, #214 ...
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29 See a summary of the white-tailed deer plan and learn how to ...
After the plan is approved, which is expected to be during summer, Fish and Game will present some concepts to hunters through future surveys ...
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30 Texas Deer Hunting: Annual Harvest Holding Steady?
After all, the state is home to the largest whitetail population in the US with an estimated 4 million animals. That's a whole lot of hooves on ...
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31 2020-2021 Illinois Deer Hunting Forecast
While this total fell comfortably in the range of 144,000 to 156,000 deer that Illinois hunters have harvested every year since 2013-2014, the ...
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32 Reports Show Hunters Take More Mature Bucks Than Yearlings
Nationally, the total estimated buck harvest declined 4 percent for the second year in a row, from an estimated 2.73 million in 2013 to 2.61 ...
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33 Best Week of the Season - Midwest Whitetail
› best-week-of-the-se...
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34 Texas big buck hunting forecast still likely to exceed most ...
It's always tough to predict when the rut will occur, especially in dry years and when deer are stressed by the environment for any number of ...
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35 2014 deer season forecast good
Department of Natural Resources (DNR) s Deer and Wild Turkey Program Coordinator. Top counties for harvest in 2013 included Bamberg, Union, ...
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36 Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than ...
2013). No such uncertainty exists regarding the negative impacts of high deer populations on eastern forests; the body of evidence is ...
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37 California Deer Forecast for 2015 - Game & Fish
Here's how the C zones harvest in 2014 compares with 2013: C1 dropped slightly from 267 to 258; C2 went up from 166 to 210; C3 grew from 219 to ...
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38 Deer reports & statistics | Minnesota DNR
Current deer harvest data · Annual Harvest reports · Population modeling · Deer hunter observation survey · Bow hunter survey · Winter Severity Index.
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39 2018 - JCR Evaluation Form
SPECIES: White tailed Deer. PERIOD: 6/1/2018 - 5/31/2019. HERD: WD706 - BLACK HILLS. HUNT AREAS: 1-6. PREPARED BY: JOE SANDRINI. 2013 - 2017 Average.
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40 Advanced / Search - KDWP
FIRST EVER PRE-RUT WHITETAIL ANTLERLESS SEASON OPENS OCT. 12. Oct. 3, 2013Firearm deer hunters will have an additional opportunity to take antlerless ...
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41 PEAK RUT | Woods N Water News
With the popularity of archery, especially the dramatic increase of crossbow use, Michigan deer hunters are fast discovering the rutting season ...
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42 Rusch unveils 2021 deer season forecast | The Ely Echo
Breeding activity generally peaks in mid-November when the annual rutting season transitions into the reproductive phase and deer movement ...
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43 2021 Whitetail Rut Predictions
The Rut-Predictor hypothesis differs from conventional views. The general belief is that peak breeding north of the Mason-Dixon Line occurs each ...
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be expected due to deer densities and hunting opportunities. Less than 50% of the kill in most counties in northwest Iowa were does. (Figure 1.5).
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45 Have you come across interesting wildlife news. Feb. 18, 2013 ...
Actual count (Nmin) and modeling projected future wolf population from the minimum ... Michigan “2012 Crossbow Deer Hunter Survey Report” is about the third ...
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46 (PDF) DeVuyst | ranchodelgringo gringo -
The costs of deer-vehicle collisions (DVCs) nationwide are estimated to be in ... 1 2013 JOURNAL OF THE ASFMRA Cervids have been farmed in Europe for over ...
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47 Mississippi Hillcountry outdoors sept 2013 by Mississippi Hill ... - Issuu
Mapping Antler Expectations Outdoor Truths Early Season Deer Tactics From The ... The 2013-2014 hunting season seems to be setting up to be a good one.
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48 2022 Rut Predictions | onX Hunt
2022 rut predictions based on whitetail science, biology, region, ... which was one of our predicted “best rut hunting” dates (+/- 1 day).
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49 Adam hayes moon guide
Posted by Hyaena Gallery on Saturday, November 9, 2013 Leave it to Burbank to ... Read More big game , deer , Hunting Staff Writer September 15, 2020 Deer ...
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50 Ian Gemmell, Author at OffShoot Photography Society - Page 99 of 104
One of the things they did was to prepare for a fun informal competition scheduled for our first meeting of 2013. This was a projected image nite when ...
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51 Farmers' Almanac - Plan Your Day. Grow Your Life. - Weather ...

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52 Cumulative effects of human landscape change, predators, and ...
deer strongly selected for habitat features expected to contain abundant natural ... 2013). Consequently, increases in white-tailed deer indirectly reduce.
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53 Determining the Rut - Georgia Wildlife Blog
The fetuses shown here returned November 12, 2013 as the date of conception ... The primary trigger for breeding in white-tailed deer is the ...
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54 Elliot's Trackside Diner...OCTOBER 2013!! - Model Railroader ...
Currently it is 33 with an expected high of 67 under sunny skies. ... I also don't like driving on really dark nights with the deer rut in progress at ...
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55 MS these_Lucie Debeffe_aout2013_leger - ResearchGate
Manuscrit 5 « EURODEER »: Do female roe deer use rut excursions as a ... expected, no sex-bias in dispersal propensity was observed in the studied ...
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56 How to Hunt the Phases of the Rut - Realtree
This is a period when deer have transitioned from their early season patterns to their fall ranges. This shift can occur anytime between mid- ...
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57 The Rut: Constants, Myths and Legends
Connected to the shortening of daylight, or photoperiod, a buck's testosterone levels increase in the fall. With this increase, a buck can breed ...
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